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Security Laminate Products


KEI Security Laminates™ provide the industry’s key solutions for protecting your existing or new windows, glass doors, automotive and transportation vehicles of any kind.


Our products can protect you, your family, employees, business, facilities and valuables from criminal intent on gaining entry through your glass. Our products can also mitigate injuries that can be caused by broken or flying glass from threats such as explosive blasts, severe weather conditions, vandalism and small arms fire.


All of our safety and security laminates are UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, and come with an unmatched Lifetime Warranty against fading, discoloration, peeling, and distortion.


To learn more about KEI Security Laminates™ Testing, please go here - Product Testing


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 1- Ply Safety / Security Film

Our standard grade of safety / security laminate which acts as a good shield against simple smash and grab type crimes. This safety / security laminate is also an excellent option for keeping children safe from glass shards should they break or run into a pane of glass. Once this film is applied to 1/8 inch or thicker annealed glass, it will surpass the ANSI Z97.1 standard for safety glazing.


2-Ply Security Film


Our 2-ply security laminate offers enhanced protection against typical smash and grab crimes. Usually, criminals would like to break a window or glass door entry and get in and out as quickly as possible. These 2 ply laminates will provide enough protection to discourage an intruder to move on to an easier target. These laminates only comes in a clear color.


3-Ply Security Film


Our premium 3-ply security laminates offer incredible amounts of protection against everything from bricks, rocks, baseball bats, crow bars, hammers, and even up to a .357 Magnum (on ½ inch glass). This is the best and most flexible security film choice for commercial, residential, and automotive applications. It is available in clear, grey tones, and silver reflective tint.


4-Ply Security Film


Our highest level of security film available anywhere. The World's only 4-ply security film which offers protection capable of stopping a 2500lb bomb (GSA and BMAG tested). This product is primarily used for protection against the highest security threat levels, Government and Military type buildings.


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