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KEI Security Laminates is standing guard right now. Safeguarding buildings and homes from threat risks such as vandalism, break and enter crimes, severe weather storms, civil riots and even terrorism.


All of our Security Laminates block 99% of the suns harmful ultraviolet rays, thus preventing colors from fading i.e. shutters, drapes, carpets, furniture and paintings. Our tinted laminates will reject up to 76 % of solar energy in the summer while its Low E (emissive) insulating properties will radiate room heat back into a room preventing its loss through the glass in the winter.


When considering purchasing a security laminate to safeguard your home, auto or commercial needs, please research and insist the company meets these standards.

1. Itís a security laminate and not just a safety film.  No safety film can meet burglar resistance standards or blast capabilities.


2. Insist on a non-drying, non-hardening adhesive of at least a 9-mil thickness for security laminate.  If the adhesive hardens and dries over time it will lose its elasticity causing the laminate to delaminate and bubble as it will not expand and contract with the glass.


3. Insist on UV inhibitors with an absorption rate of at least 99 percent.  Insist that the absorption be in the adhesive used throughout the laminate; not just between the glass and laminate.


4. They should have a minimum visual light transmission of 92 percent.


5. Only a single sided interior application should be required to pass the testing requirements of ULC-S332-93 standard for burglary resistance.


6. Insist on laminates with surface hardeners for durability of the application.


7. Security Laminates should be chemical resistant i.e. sulfuric acid, acetones, ammonia, chlorine bleach to name a few.


8. As installation techniques are key to a quality application, be certain that installers are factory certified and professionally trained in security laminate application.


9. Be sure the company has a manufacturer warranty and not just a dealer warranty.


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