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Our Safety and Security Laminates are the KEI solution for the ultimate glass safety and security protection. Like an invisible shield our products turn existing glass windows and glass doors into a virtually impenetrable coat of armor.

Two thirds of Break and Enters occur through glass. Our state of the art laminate products take away the two main weapons of intruders “speed and ease”.

Even in the most violent weather such as high winds, hail storms, hurricanes or tornadoes our laminates will help keep your windows from shattering into dangerous flying shards of glass.

The alarming threat of global terrorism is on the rise. Our products can protect you and your property from threats of small arms fire, fire bombs and violent explosions.


A video demonstrating how Security Laminates work


Our products are “Environmentally Green Friendly” and will enhance the cooling and or heating efficiency of homes, businesses, buildings and vehicles. KEI Security Laminates combines the engineering of common window films benefits such as UV protection and anti scratch coatings with the added protection of safety and security.

Accept only the best! KEI Security Laminates sets the bar in safety and security film technology and offers a lifetime ltd., warranty unmatched in the industry.


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